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I am thirty-something, born and living in the UK, somewhere North of London.
Photography has interested me for many years, but only recently did I do anything about it. Nearly 2 years ago I bought my first 'real' camera, a used film SLR but I didn't use it very much. I soon bought my first digital which I used much more, probably because of the instant results and the limitless shots that digital affords. Recently I made the jump to a DSLR and this was my best move yet. Imagology's prime purpose was to motivate me to use the camera more; It certainly does that and so much more. Now I find myself thinking about the picture everywhere I go.


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All photographs are taken by me. I use Photoshop to convert from RAW and do as little post processing as possible, sometimes more work is needed than others, but nothing more than that which can be done in the traditional darkroom. I try to include any major post processing details in the info.
All photographs remain my property. Please contact me if you wish to use any of my work.


Canon EOS 20D
Canon G5
Canon EOS 50

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